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Guaranteed Car Finance For Self Employed People

Working for yourself can be a hugely fulfilling direction to take your career in – but all too often self employed people can find it difficult to secure finances for their day to day life in the conventional way.

Many car finance companies may make the process of applying for finance unnecessarily complicated for those who are self employed. However, here at we are always happy to help our self employed customers, and find that the majority of the time we can guarantee car finance with the minimum of hassle, meaning you can get your application sorted quickly and drive away your car, all with hardly any effort.

All of our customer advisors are ready and willing to help, so why not apply today and see if we could help you to guarantee car finance. All we need from you is proof of your income over a specified period of time and proof of your self employment – it couldn’t be simpler!

Head over to our application page to get started!