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Guaranteed Car Finance for Ex-Bankrupt

If you have been declared bankrupt in the past, it can be difficult to secure guaranteed car finance. However, here at we can help.

With the recession finally retreating, the global economy is finding its feet again, but that doesn’t mean to say it hasn’t left devastation in its wake. Many people lost their jobs, homes and businesses, and plenty of people were unfortunately forced to declare themselves bankrupt. This means that the individual will be stripped of their assets, which will be used to pay creditors to whom they owe money. When in serious debt, it can be the best option, but legal advice should always be sought after if it is being considered. Remember that bankruptcy can affect your job, is publicised in local newspapers and is disclosed to creditors for as many as six years after the bankruptcy is declared.

Declaring yourself bankrupt can be a difficult experience, and until you are discharged from bankruptcy it is near to impossible to get finance. Unfortunately, we can’t help anybody find guaranteed car finance who is currently bankrupt, or who has not been discharged from their bankruptcy for at least 12 months.

However, if you have been discharged from your bankruptcy for at least 12 months, and have proof of this, then we may be able to help you find guaranteed car finance. Just fill out an application form today and one of advisors will be in touch. You could be driving away your new car within a week!

Confused about bankruptcy and getting finance? Check our Q&A about Bankruptcy for more information!