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Guaranteed Car Finance for Bad Credit

We understand how difficult it can be to get car finance if you have bad credit, especially after the most recent major recession, which many of us are still trying to recover from.

For many people the recession had a knock-on effect on their credit ratings – those who already had bad credit ratings found their situation was made worse, and many people with good credit ratings saw their score drop as the recession tightened budgets.

Post-recession, lenders have typically become a lot more wary about whom they lend money too, and as a result, if you have a bad credit rating it can be very difficult to secure finance for essentials.

Car finance is usually taken out by those who have been turned down for a personal loan. Car finance can be supplied to customers who have a bad credit rating because, unlike a personal loan, the amount borrowed is secured against the value of the car, so the lender knows that they can recover the value of the loan should the customer default on payments, though this is rarely necessary.

Here at we aim to guarantee car finance to anyone, even if they have a bad credit rating. We can do this because we compare over 50 different lending options catered to customers with bad credit rating, so are in a great position to offer you a highly competitive rate.

We don’t do a credit check until we are sure you’ll be accepted for car finance, so you can rest assured that your application will not hurt your credit rating any further.

Apply now to find out if we could help you get guaranteed car finance.

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